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The Iota Mu House

713 Brittain Drive, also known as the Alpha Phi Iota Mu house, is our home away from home. It's the place where we get to hang out, eat delicious meals, take study breaks, watch movies, and just relax with our sisters. Our house is full of love and laughter and where truly special moments happen. Not to mention, we have a stellar view of Bobby Dodd stadium and are located right on campus, only a couple of steps from the campus library, the CULC, and Tech Square. 

Our house was built in 2018 and we love it so much. It has 3 floors, 2 of which are residential and can sleep up to 40 people. We have a beautiful dining room and kitchen where we eat all of our meals together. We also have a cozy lounge which is perfect for movie nights, yoga, or even just a good nap. Our third floor has a study room full of academic resources and an amazing view of Bobby Dodd stadium. It's where we like to study for tests, do homework, or even just hang out with each other. 

Living in the House

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Our Food

Joining Alpha Phi means access to an amazing meal plan. There are plenty of options to enjoy and there is delicious food for people with different dietary restrictions. There are always vegan and gluten free options as well as a self serve salad bar with plenty of toppings and salad dressings. Our chapter has a diverse range of meals every week. Some of our favorites include Buddha Bowls, the Salmon rice bowl, Pasta Bar, Tex Mex Wraps, and even the Friday Brunch Bar.

Our Chef's Poppin TikTok

Get a glimpse of what its like to be in the kitchen of Alpha Phi! Our chef and kitchen staff run their very own TikTok account where they showcase our amazing meals, behind the scenes of the Alpha Phi kitchen, and bring a smile to everyones face.

I mean who knew Chef T was living the best of both worlds. An amazing chef and now a celebrity TikToker.

Link here:


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