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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Alpha Phi Iota Mu holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as some of our core ideals as women and as a chapter. Our chapter is a safe and welcoming space for members from all walks of life and we welcome all forms of diversity into our sisterhood. Alpha Phi is committed to providing education and resources that build cultural competence and to actively engage in conversations that challenge one another to uphold the highest tenants of Human Dignity. As Alpha Phis, we expect our members to live up to our high ideals and to show the best qualities of character by being fair, inclusive and supportive, which is exemplified through the work of our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion department.

Alpha Phi Iota Mu is also committed to the betterment and support of our community. We hold service in high regard as exemplified by our monthly service projects and our strong relationships formed with local nonprofits and philanthropy organizations. Our campus community also holds a strong place in our hearts as seen by our vast member participation across countless campus organizations. Alpha Phi also values our relationships with other greek organizations such as fellow CPC chapters, IFC chapters, NPC chapters, and other multicultural greek organizations.

Lastly, Alpha Phi is committed to the support and betterment of the mental health of our members and the campus around us. Through the work of our watchcare team, we work with multiple Georgia Tech professional teams to offer mental health resources to our members along with educational resources and chapter discussions around wellness and mental health.

Our DEI Department

Our Iota Mu DEI department is committed to making sure that all of our members have the inclusion, equity, and strong support needed from our sisterhood to thrive during their years at Georgia Tech and truly feel as if Alpha Phi is their home away from home. 

Phi Phorums

Phi Phorums are member-led discussions on important topics. Often, there are presentations throughout the month leading up to the Phi Phorum that prime members to discuss the subject. Usually, the presenter will pick a relevant Ted-Talk to get members thinking about the topic before we move into the discussion portion. Members are encouraged to ask questions, and engage in the discussion questions provided by the presenter. They are designed to educate members and offer a safe space for members to discuss more complex topics and issues.

Some of our recent topics:

- Microagressions

- Body Image

- Sexuality & Gender Expression in Greek Life

Diversity Board

The diversity board is a committee that any member can join. Members of the board work to create a space to hold discussions related to DEI matters and act as a task force to develop and promote strategies and practices that encourage and further DEI in our chapter. The goal or diversity board is to advocate for and represent all types of diversity (race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identification, religion, body diversity, etc).


Each month, the board picks an initiative to plan its chapter programming around. At chapter each week, they plan a presentation based on this theme and at the end of each month they hold a more discussion-based presentation. The presentations are designed to bring awareness and education to our chapter surrounding current DEI topics and to provide a platform for members to share their own experiences. Lastly, the board helps advise the DEI department, executive board, and chapter in matters related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure alignment with the chapter’s morals and ideals.

Diversity Dinners

Diversity dinners are meals at the Alpha Phi house that are planned by the Director of Diversity. They are designed to promote the education and appreciation of the various cultures and religions our members practice. Some of the dinners we have had include: Lunar New Year, Ramadan, Sukkot, Holi, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Dia De Los Muertos, among others. During any point in the semester, members can reach out to the director or diversity with any ideas; it doesn't solely have to be for a holiday. There is no restriction of what type of dinner we will plan because our goal is to represent our members and give them a chance to share their culture or practices with the chapter. Diversity dinners have allowed us to explore different cultures via one thing we all love: food. It also allows us to try foods we have never had before and have that shared experience with our sisters. Additionally, these meals are paired with a presentation during chapter of the culture, customs, and history of the food.

Sunshine Committee

The sunshine committee is a committee that any member can join. It focuses on uplifting the chapter and checking on the wellbeing of our members. Throughout the year, they may do little things like posting motivational messages around the house. In the fall they made goodie bags with kind messages in them for the chapter during Halloween. For Valentines day, they surprised all of our members with Valentines candy goody bags.

The director of watchcare is involved in member education for mental health. It is important that our members feel uplifted and supported by Alpha Phi when they are struggling, and Watchcare and the Sunshine Committee, which they lead, work to do so. This position is QPR certified, and also is a great point of contact if a member has questions about how to get in contact with Georgia Tech offices and outside mental health and wellbeing resources. Each semester, they provide a finals gift for every member of the chapter, which in the past has been face masks, a continuous hot chocolate bar, and fuzzy socks. 


Community Engagement

The director of community engagement plans and executes various service events each semester. They look to the chapter to see which initiatives members would be interested in around Atlanta. With their help, we have worked and formed connections with many organizations, including the ATL Humane Society, Trees Atlanta, Out of the Closet-ATL, and Atlanta Community Food Bank. They also work with other organizations on campus to plan events so our members can help support their philanthropies.

In the past year, Iota Mu has volunteered with the ATL Humane Society, Trees Atlanta, and Atlanta Community Food Bank. At the ATL Humane Society, members have the opportunity to interact with puppies, while helping the organization upkeep the facility. At Trees ATL, members have the opportunity to help cut down invasive tree and bush species in the area so that native plants can be replanted in those areas. We have also hosted a thrift event in our house, where members could donate clothes, sort them, and help run the event. The proceeds from this event were donated to Out of the Closet - Atlanta which helps raise funds for the AIDS Healthcare foundation.

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