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Alpha Phi International Fraternity was founded at Syracuse University by ten of the first nineteen women to be admitted to the university. The founders of Alpha Phi were women of courageous vision and pioneering hearts, striving to make a difference in the male-dominated world of academia.  These women yearned for a circle of friends who could sympathize with each other's troubles and support each other's ambitions.  On September 18, 1872, these ten women initiated themselves into Alpha Phi. 

Alpha Phi Iota Mu is dedicated to achieving the goals and continuing the legacy of our founders.  Our sisterhood is one of outstanding young women who support each other in lifelong achievement and friendship.  We enhance and promote each member's growth and learning by focusing on our values of sisterhood, service, scholarship, leadership, loyalty, and character. The bond you share with your sisters in Alpha Phi during your college years will last a lifetime.  Warm and sincere, this sisterhood is a second family where you will find understanding and compassion.  


As an Alpha Phi, you are part of a network that provides opportunities to experience sisterhood, scholarship and service in your collegiate chapter and as a part of an international organization.  With 170 active chapters, Iota Mu is proud to be one of the top fundraising chapters for the Alpha Phi Foundation in the Southeast, having donated over $50,000 for the research and prevention of women's heart disease this year.  

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Anna Kate Handley

VP of Finance

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Charlotte Carl

VP of Health, Wellness, and Accountability

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Emma Watkins

Chapter President

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Morgan Avis

VP of Member Education and Programming


Carina D'Angelo

VP of Membership Recruitment


Madhu Ramaswamy

Panhellenic Delegate

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Chloe Tatum

VP of Marketing


Camille Jones

VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Abby Smith

Executive Administrator

Our Executive Council


Future Sisters,


My name is Carina D’Angelo and I have the privilege of serving as Alpha Phi’s Vice President of Membership Recruitment this year. During 2020, Alpha Phi conducted its very first virtual recruitment. We are so excited to be able to welcome you back into our house this August to introduce you to our amazing sisters! Virtual or not, we cannot wait to meet you for the first time and show you how much Alpha Phi means to each of us.


While recruitment may be overwhelming and exciting, there is no reason to be nervous! Our sisterhood has played such an important role in each of our college experiences, and in creating some of the strongest and most ambitious women that graduate from Georgia Tech. Whether you have been planning to join a sorority for months, or you just decided to, I can assure you that you will be meeting a group of intelligent, fun, loving women who have truly become my best friends.


My sisters have continuously supported and challenged me to be the best student, friend, and person I can be. I have unforgettable memories from being in this chapter, and endless skills from being in this leadership position. Having the opportunity to give back to a chapter that has given me so much is something I am incredibly thankful for.


As I begin my senior year in this position, I reflect on my time in Alpha Phi. Those two letters encapsulate countless memories, laughs, tears, and friendships. I am endlessly grateful that I found my way home during my recruitment three years ago, and I have no doubt that our newest members will experience all the same.


Love & AOE,

Carina D’Angelo

Carina D’Angelo

Vice President of Membership Recruitment

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The Alpha Phi Foundation was established in 1956.  The foundation empowers women to achieve scholastic excellence, be leaders, and aids in the fight against the number one killer of women - heart disease.  We raise and award funds for programs that encourage academic excellence, advance leadership development, and improve women's heart health.   

Alpha Phi

The Red Dress Gala is an annual fall semester event that allows us to share our philanthropy with all of our family and friends.  This event includes fun games, delicious food, and a silent auction. We support our sisters as they share their personal experiences, bringing awareness to the importance of research into women’s heart health.  Proceeds are donated directly to the Alpha Phi Foundation.

Red Dress

King of Hearts is our annual satirical male beauty pageant that takes place during the spring semester.  Men from different organizations on campus compete to win, and they practice for weeks to deliver everyone's favorite performances of the year.  King of Hearts brings in overwhelming support from all over campus.  Money raised goes directly to the Alpha Phi Foundation to support Women's Heart Health.


In the spring, Iota Mu hosts Alpha Phreeze. Our sisters have a picnic and give out popsicles outside of our house in order to promote awareness for our other events and connect with the overall Georgia Tech community. Maintaining a good relationship with all GT students, even if they are not in Greek life, is important to Alpha Phi.


In previous years, we have teamed up with other Greek organizations to host Alpha Phright Night. This event transforms a house on campus into a haunted house with an entrance fee that is donated to our philanthropy! The event also includes the screening of a horror movie. Phright Night is a great time to get in the Halloween spirit while raising money for heart health! 


Our sisters are also involved in the local community! You can always find Phis volunteering at a variety of organizations and participating in the philanthropy of other Greek chapters at Tech.  All causes, big and small, Alpha Phis will always be there to lend a hand.



The Alpha Phi sisterhood is a true and everlasting bond that serves as the foundation from which our chapter is built. What makes Alpha Phi special is that we maintain our unique individuality while still supporting each other as a group throughout our time at Georgia Tech and into our life beyond. Sisterhood means not only being there for one another but also holding each other to the highest standard. As Alpha Phis, we inspire our sisters to be their best selves. We host endless events to promote sisterhood in our chapter. These include roller skating nights, visiting pumpkin patches, ice cream socials, yoga classes, and so much more.



Being Georgia Tech students first, we know how important academic success is to our sisters. We offer many resources through our scholarship program to ensure that every sister is supported in her academic needs. The scholarship committee connects sisters that may be struggling in a class with someone that has already taken the class before and books daily study rooms in the CULC for sisters’ convenience; this is especially helpful during finals week when there is no room to study in the library! From our study rooms, major support groups, and sisters helping one another, Alpha Phis provide each other a foundation to succeed in the classroom. We even have our own mini library full of textbook donations from our sisters. Outside of classroom learning, we host monthly speakers to help sisters with their pre-professional skills including resume and networking workshops. Each week we also make sure to acknowledge sisters’ academic accomplishments in front of the chapter including acceptance into prestigious honor societies, graduate school, or landing their dream internship or co-op.  Alpha Phi provides an environment that encourages and aids sisters to achieve in the classroom and thrive professionally beyond Georgia Tech.



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