Alpha Phi Iota Mu holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as some of our core ideals as women and as a chapter. Our chapter is a safe and welcoming space for members from all walks of life and we welcome all forms of diversity into our sisterhood. Alpha Phi is committed to providing education and resources that build cultural competence and to actively engage in conversations that challenge one another to uphold the highest tenants of Human Dignity. As Alpha Phis, we

expect our members to live up to our high ideals and to show the best qualities of character by being fair, inclusive and supportive, which is exemplified through the work of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion department.

Alpha Phi Iota Mu is also committed to the betterment and support of our community. We hold service in high regard as exemplified by our monthly service projects and our strong relationships formed with local nonprofits and philanthropy organizations. Our campus community also holds a strong place in our hearts as seen by our vast member participation across countless campus organizations. Alpha Phi also values our relationships with other greek organizations such as fellow CPC chapters, IFC chapters, NPC chapters, and other multicultural greek organizations.

Lastly, Alpha Phi is committed to the support and betterment of the mental health of our members and the campus around us. Through the work of our watchcare team, we work with multiple Georgia Tech professional teams to offer mental health resources to our members along with educational resources and chapter discussions around wellness and mental health. Alpha Phi Iota Mu is committed to making sure that all of our members have the inclusion, equity, and strong support needed from our sisterhood to thrive during their years at Georgia Tech.